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Villager's Weekday Dinner Party

Available Monday through Thursday

Available only in the Villages



(chose one)

-capellini, lemon, garlic, parsley, parmigiano, grilled bread

-deviled eggs, Key West sunset ale BBQ sauce, fried onions

-grilled bread, peach, ricotta, prosciutto, local honey

-four cheese stuffed eggplant rollatini, fresh tomato sauce


(choose one)

-watermelon, feta, cucumber, mint, pickled shallot, micro arugula

-butter lettuce, grilled stone fruit, goat's cheese, radish, citrus vinaigrette

-hearts of romaine, house made croutons, Caesar dressing, parmigiano

-bibb lettuce, praline pecans, strawberries, candied red onion, raspberry vinaigrette


(choose one)

-pan roasted "statler" chicken breast, whipped potato, wilted spinach

-grilled pork tenderloin, smashed red potato, green beans, sauce au poivre

-grilled petite filet mignon, au gratin potato pave, grilled asparagus, herb butter

-pan seared snapper filet, green onion risotto, snap peas, mango burro


(choose one)

-fresh biscuits, berries, vanilla bean whipped cream, mint

-creme brulee, biscotti, berries

-warm chocolate lava cake, ice cream, fruit coulis

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